Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Paintless dent repair and insurance repairs

The next time you have damage to your vehicle and the insurance company says "you need to get an estimate", when you get there, and they have written the estimate, ask them about paintless dent repair. Insurance companies like paintless dent repair and it is a great way to have those smaller dents and door dings fixed with other larger damage.

The turnaround time of a repair using the paintless dent repair method is usually one third of the time than if the vehicle was to be repaired and refinished. this saves the insurance company money in labor, materials, rental car expense, etc. Beyond that, the repair is better for the consumer, the e-coat (protective factory finish under the paint) is not broken and remains in tact, protecting the vehicle from rust, corrosion, etc.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent repair is a great way for anyone to make their car look great again.
Those pesky door dings from Wal-Mart parking lot-GONE!
The accidental neighbors kid running into your car or truck-fixed!

The best thing about paintless dent repair
It is half the cost of having it refinished at a body shop!
and the repairs take half the time!

Just imagine for a moment, you want your door fixed, you go to your local body shop,
get an estimate and they tell you it will be $350.00 and take 2-3 days
to repair it!

Now think about this. You call Bendz Brothers, they come out and look at
your car. Provide you with a written estimate for 1/3 the price of what the body
shop wanted to repair the dent. Then the tech from Bendz Brothers says,
"If you would like, i can fix this right here and now, have the vehicle repaired
before you go home today and you won't even have to stay here, you can go back to
work and I'll bring you the keys when I'm done!"

You leave him the keys to your car, he fixes your vehicle, brings you the keys
and it's as good as new! You didn't have to rent a car, get a ride from a friend, any
of the hassles of normal automotive repairs. It's done, and once again you are proud
of your vehicle!

That's service, kinda gives you the warm fuzzys, don't it!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Automotive Refurbishing

Paintless dent repair is a inexpensive way to make your vehicle look new again.
Can repair most door dings, minor dents, perform insurance repairs.
We can also repair your vehicle if ever in a hail storm, without refinishing!
Most repairs at a body shop could take 1-2 weeks! We can have the vehicle repaired in 1-2 days!

There is no painting involved. The vehicle is normally finished the same day.
We are mobile, we can come to where ever your vehicle is, repair it, and not even interrupt
your day with taking the vehicle to the shop.

We also offer other services
Automotive Accessories Installation
Running boards
Grille guards
Bug deflectors
Trailer hitches
Alarm systems
Interior equipment

If you can think of it, we can install it for you .
Some repairs will have to be taken to the shop, but we can pickup & deliver your vehicle as well.

Please call us if you have any questions regarding any of the forementioned topics

or you can reach us via e-mail at